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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Moon Bat of The Week Award!

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)
"We must get out of our political foxholes and be willing to clearly and specifically point out what a strategic error the Iraq invasion has been," Feingold told a National Press Club audience. "I believe the situation would probably get better" if U.S. troops left, he said. "The lesson of insurgency is when the occupying power leaves, it tends to lessen, rather than increase, the level of violence."
The prospective left-wing presidential candidate is misinformed and illogical. Feingold is, at best, the anti-war, cut and run politicial, dangerous to troops on the ground and security against terrorists.
Insurgency lessons when "occupiers" leave. Feingold should check the definition of "insurgency."
Insurgency - an armed revolt or insurrection against an established civil or political authority, such as a constituted government or an occupation by an invading force. Persons engaging in insurgency are called insurgents, and may engage in regular or guerrilla combat against the armed forces of the established regime, or conduct sabotage and harassment in the land.
Occupy - to seize possession of and maintain control by or as if by conquest.
First, the United States is in currently in Iraq at the request of the democratically elected officials of the Iraqi government.
Second, al-Qaeda is mostly a foreign insurgency with pockets of local militants from the former dictatorial Bathe Party.
Feingold and his left-wing faction enjoy tossing out rhetoric but fail to use words that tell the truth. Liberals attempt to "occupy" the air waves to anyone who will listen and maintain their own "insurgency" against the democratically elected Bush administration using words that convey false impressions.
In the world outside of politics, Feingold would be considered guilty of "libel."

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