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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moon Bat of The Week Award!

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called a proposal to make English the official language "racist" on the Senate floor yesterday. "This amendment is racist. I think it's directed basically to people who speak Spanish," the Democrat said during the already tense debate over immigration reform. Moments later, the Senate approved the measure on a 63-34 vote. Virtually all Republicans were joined by 11 Democrats to approve the largely symbolic amendment. Immediately following that vote, the Senate approved a second amendment, declaring on a 58-39 vote that English is the "common and unifying language."

Reid is off base with his outlandish remarks and out touch with his colleagues and the American people.

  • A poll by Zogby International earlier this year found that 84 percent of Americans say English should be the official language of government operations.
  • The same Zogby poll found that 77 percent of Hispanics agree.
  • It's a bipartisan issue, according to the Zobby poll, which found that 92 percent of Republicans and 82 percent of Democrats approve making English the country's official language.

Reid is a sinister character for making insulting remarks to congressional colleagues, the President and now to the citizens of the United States. He owes an apology for citing race as an issue when discussing English as an official language.

No one would suggest people of all cultures shouldn't speak their native languages. English is a unifier and assimilator to common culture in the United States.

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