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Friday, June 23, 2006

President Hamid Karzai Misguided, Off Base

Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai, is publicly condemning U.S. troops and comparing the Taliban with normal Afghan citizens. He is also succumbing to outcries that are in line with speeches from the al-Qaeda number two, Ayman al Zawahiri, who fought for political support among Afghans yesterday with a three-minute videotape posted on the Internet. The tape aimed to exploit the rising discontent reflected in anti-foreigner riots in Kabul on May 29, sparked when a U.S. military truck killed several Afghans in a traffic accident.
"I direct my speech today to my Muslim brothers in Kabul who lived the bitter events yesterday and saw by their own eyes a new proof of the criminal acts of the American forces," Zawahiri declared. He urged Afghans to revolt against "the infidel forces that are invading Muslim lands."
"I strongly believe ...that we must engage strategically in disarming terrorism by stopping their sources of supply of money, training, equipment and motivation," Karzai said.
"It is not acceptable for us that in all this fighting, Afghans are dying," said Karzai, who faces rising public anger on that issue.
It seems U.S. and coalition forces are dying also, in defense of Karzai's country. Karzai runs a country whose economy is dependent on poppy agriculture and is the number one worldwide source for drug production related to that industry.
Publicly blaming foreign countries who are on the ground isn't the diplomatic thing to do, and seems unproductive. It also plays into the hands of citizens who are openly protesting against the same people, coalition forces, who are necessary in the survival of a free and democratic Afghanistan.
Further, Karzai recently visited Iran and wasn't timid about having photo-ops with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Photo-ops with a neighboring country President who calls for the anhilation of Israel and America while criticizing U.S. Troops publicly won't endear Karzai to the young men and women doing the heavy lifting to sustain freedom. Karzai should do more publicly to calm the anti-West sentiments developing in his country.

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