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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Battle of Trenton - Voter Just Desserts

Instead of brave militia and minutemen fighting the British the New Jersey politicians are fighting themselves and chasing their tails at a good pace. The New Jersey constituency is the one to suffer but they are getting what they voted for, time and again.
How many times do you get hit over the head before you decide enough is enough? Democrats stay in power in Trenton and a look at New Jersey's tax standing in the country one would wonder why voters continue to have confidence in the status quo.
  • Property Tax Ranking...........#1
  • State/Local Taxes Ranking...#4
  • State Govt. Debt...................#10
  • Top Income Tax Rate............#5
  • Business Friendliness..........#49

The new Governor, Democrat Jon Corzine wants another tax bailout via sales tax but here is what he said when running for the U.S. Senate in 2000:

"I would not have raised the sales tax $1.5 billion, which I think falls the most on those people who have the least ability to pay."

Some things change, not tax burdens in New Jersey or voters who keeping asking for the same mismanagement of their money.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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