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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Democrats, al-Maliki and Me????

I never thought I, Liberally Conservative, would agree with the likes of Charles Schumer (D-NY), Barbara Boxer (D-Ca), Harry Reid (D-NV), and Dick Durbin (D-IL). I despise these people, they stand for everything I'm against.
I defend the Bush administration, the war in Iraq, and the complete war on terror. I defend Israel and it's right to defend itself. I have no use for Kofi Annan, the U.N. or the E.U. I do, however, question Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki and his refusal to denounce Hezbollah and his stance against Israel.
I have heard the arguments from Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol and a tepid response from Charles Krauthammer whom I greatly respect. It still doesn't reconcile itself and I have pondered this since hearing the original statement and subsequent answers to press questions.
Politics is one thing but I feel less comfortable with the present situation in Iraq and Maliki's failure to deliver on his promise to get militias under control and the insurgency quelled. Now Maliki is discussing option "B" but to do so he had to call on Tony Blair and George W. Bush to ensure our troops will defend his defenseless government.
We still haven't heard much about the members of the Iraqi parliament who were on abu Zarqawi's cell phone speed dial. The death total in Baghdad is ever increasing and now we are supplying more troops. Yet by not denouncing the terrorist group Hezbollah he is implying he defends their actions as long as the actions are against Israel. This is not a good sign and I support anyone from congress who is demanding Maliki to reconcile his statements and to tell us exactly what his stance is.
In addition, it is a well known fact Maliki has close ties to Iran and Syria. If someone could comment and provide me with evidence that Maliki is the right person as Iraq's Prime Minister please do so. Currently I'm not buying it.
"The fate of our country and yours is tied," Prime Minister Maliki told Congress yesterday -- adding that if democracy fails there "then the war on terror will never be won elsewhere."
Precisely Mr. Maliki. However, you must recognize, publicly, who the terrorists are. Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and former Hussein Baathist party members who are creating the events in the streets of Bahgdad currently.
Although Iraq is a so-called Democracy and free speech is one of many freedoms, Mr. Maliki should call out Sunni Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani who crossed the line of acceptable behavior when he said that an Iraqi who kills an American soldier should "have a statue built for him."

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Blogger Beach Girl said...

Walrus - good post as always. We are seeing the result of trying to spread "democracy" to a leadership that has not sacrificed for it. For good or ill, we have been trying to impose it. Free elections or not, as soon as we leave, they'll be right back to old habits. I think Maliki is hedging his bets and his lack of comment against terrorists/Hezbollah, et al is his tacit approval of it. Reading about Founders and the policy of fair neutrality. I support the President in many things but we need our troops on our borders protecting the sovereignty of our nation. Pat Buchanan has a new book coming out in mid-August - State of Emergency. No Americans should die or be injured for a government that will not denounce the people who want to kill us. At least, the Islamic leaders are stating as clearly as they can that they want to kill us, to destroy the West. Based on the comments of al-Mashhadani, perhaps Bush should just say, "Okay. No more American deaths. Have a great civil war and we'll see ya when the dust settles." I'm sick of us playing nice to murders who want to kill us and our children. There is no reasoning with a 7th Century mind-set. The Al Quaeda (sp) leader said their goal is to retake Spain, etc. Too bad, American children aren't getting good education in History these days. Next, I'm sick of the federal government allowing and encouraging the invasion of our nation. A friend of mine has a ranch 70 miles north of Brownsville. His men have found sacks of money from China and from Indoneasia - so the terrorists are coming in. Changing a bit, I'd like to see you address the issue of the TSA and the fact that our government has now trained thousands of Americans to search Americans and their luggage thus desitizing (sp) the TSA personnel who see searching our luggage, lifting blue-haired ladies out of wheel chairs, herding us like cattle through metal detectors as part of a day's work. There needs to be some common sense. How do I mention all of these things together? I don't see them as separate. To me, they are of a piece. And, I pray the Israelis with kick the sh-t out of the terrorists. Can't even get started on the media. Trent Lott is talking about the Islamist extremists. I don't see the imans in US much differently than the Sunni Speaker in Iraq. They aren't denouncing terrorists very loudly either.

7/27/2006 04:16:00 PM  
Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

The "ilk" never denounces the terrorists and I'm afraid the status quo already exists in the new Iraqi government.

I have mentioned numerous times about abu Zarqawi's cell phone speed dial tied to two in the Iraqi parliament, a supposed investigation and try to find any of this on the internet.

Al-Sadr is another HUGE problem and I will be writing about this in the a.m. I also have some interesting tidbits about the Liberal whackos and more.

Stay tuned, thanks for reading and your valuable contribution to Liberally Conservative.

7/27/2006 04:44:00 PM  

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