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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is Switzerland Neutral, Anti-Semitic or Pro-Terrorism?

The Jeruslam Post reports Switzerland said Monday that Israel has been violating international law in its Gaza offensive by heavy destruction and endangering civilians in acts of collective punishment banned under the Geneva conventions on the conduct of warfare. When it launched its first large-scale military action in Gaza since withdrawing from the Strip last summer, Israel's declared purpose was to lean on operatives to release Cpl. Gilad Shalit. In statements since, government officials have said they also mean to disable the Hamas government and stop gunmen from launching rockets at southern Israel. Israel has used tanks, troops, gunboats and aircraft to attack the Gaza area over the past week to press kidnappers to free Gilad Shalit. "The arbitrary arrests of a large number of democratically elected representatives of the people and ministers ... cannot be justified," the statement said. Switzerland said it had earmarked an additional 1 million francs ($820,000) to provide medical supplies to civilians in Gaza.
Does Switzerland have an opinion on Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and al-Qaeda? Would they prefer Israel to council with the anti-Semitic United Nations? Would Switzerland like to condemn Hamas and it's terrorist government for kidnapping and killing an Israeli civilian? Does Switzerland have a response to Hamas rocket attacks on an Israeli school yard?

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