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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Moon Bat of The Week Award!

Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) * xxx Kerry once again demonstrates why he is not only unfit for command but unfit to serve in th U.S. Senate. Kerry tried to take on John Bolton at the Foreign Relations Committee hearing to confirm Mr. Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. xxx Kerry was not at the hearing until the end of the day when he finally appeared with his excuse. With a tepid apology Kerry instead attempted to bring attention to himself with his self importance. xxx KERRY: I apologize for being delayed. We had a mark-up in the Small Business Committee, and as ranking member, I had to be there. He is soooooooo important, in his own mind. What could Kerry possibly know about small business except he favors taxing them until it hurts. xxx Kerry earns this weeks Moonbat because he tried to badger John Bolton and found his own incompetence demonstrated why he was so overmatched. Kerry has a glaring tardy record with absence from Senate votes and appearing at hearings. At the hearing this week Kerry is out of touch and lacks considerable knowledge of the facts, which Mr. Bolton exposes in the Q & A. xxx KERRY: You say that to be effective it requires reform. What is the principal reform that is required for the U.N. itself to be effective with respect to Iran or with respect to North Korea or Resolution 1559 in Lebanon? What reform would make a difference to that effectiveness? xxx
BOLTON: I'm not sure that reform as such would have a difference there. That is more a question in the Security Council of reaching policy agreement among the 15 members of the council and particularly the PERM 5. xxx
KERRY: And isn't it fair to say that we're sort of the odd person out on most of those policies? xxx
BOLTON: I wouldn't say that, no. xxx KERRY: Well, with respect to North Korea, let's look at that for a minute. Russia and the South Koreans were unwilling to join us, isn't that correct, with respect to the sanction effort? xxx
BOLTON: That's clearly not correct, because they did. And in fact, we worked very closely with the Russians in the negotiation, 11 days of very intense negotiation to get Resolution 1695, and worked very closely with the Republic of Korea's mission to the U.N. to get their agreement to the resolution, as well.
xxx KERRY: I beg to differ with you, Mr. Ambassador. They didn't get on board a tough Chapter 7 resolution, did they? That was our position. xxx
BOLTON: They got on board a resolution which is binding, as our judgment is binding under Chapter 7, that's correct. xxx
KERRY: They didn't get on a tough resolution 7, did they -- Chapter 7? xxx
BOLTON: Yes, they did. xxx KERRY: They did? Was Homer Simpson sitting in for Kerry? DOH! xxx KERRY: Well, the most that you seem to want is to go back to a six-party talk that isn't in existence. xxx
BOLTON: No, no, quite the contrary. We said expressly... xxx
KERRY: Are you prepared to go to bilateral talks? xxx
BOLTON: Quite the contrary. We said expressly that what we wanted from North Korea was not simply a return to the six-party talks, but an implementation of the September 2005 joint statement from the six-party talks which would mean their dismantlement of their nuclear weapons program. xxx KERRY: But this has been going on for five years, Mr. Ambassador. xxx
BOLTON: It's the nature of multilateral negotiations, Senator.
xxx KERRY: Why not engage in a bilateral one and get the job done? That's what the Clinton administration did. Brace yourself Kerry! xxx BOLTON: Very poorly, since the North Koreans violated the agreed framework almost from the time it was signed. And I would also say, Senator, that we do have the opportunity for bilateral negotiations with North Korea in the context of the six-party talks, if North Korea would come back to them. xxx Kerry continues to insist on bilateral talks with North Korea and won't let Bolton respond. Then he suddenly moves on to Syria. Bolton redirects Kerry back to North Korea. xxx KERRY: No, because no talks were going on for the first couple of years, and then the six-party talks were a cover for not dealing with bilateral talks. I understand. Kerry doesn't understand a thing. xxx
BOLTON: The principal reason that we haven't had six-party talks in 10 months is because North Korea won't accept China's invitation to come to the talks. But we have made it clear to them repeatedly that they could have and they have had bilateral conversations with the United States in the context of the six-party talks. xxx
BOLTON: So the question as to why the six-party talks have not proceeded here, I think lies squarely in Pyongyang. xxx KERRY: I would respectfully suggest to you that North Korea is sitting there making a set of presumptions. And unless you begin to alter some of the underlying foundation of those presumptions, you're stuck. Kerry believes we should cave in the North Korean threats. xxx
The problem is, we're stuck too, as a consequence. And a lot of us feel very, very deeply that the six-party talks have never been real and never been a way of achieving this goal. And as long as we're on this course, we're stuck. Actually Kerry is stuck on stupid as Bolton demonstrates. xxxx BOLTON: Well, I think that the effort that has been made is to give North Korea the opportunity to make the choice, to come out of its isolation, to give up its nuclear weapons programs and to enjoy the kind of life that the people in South Korea enjoy.
xxx There's a great map, Senator -- I'm sure you've seen a copy of it -- of the Korean Peninsula at night. And South Korea is filled with light; North Korea is black. It looks like South Korea is an island. That's what that regime has done to its people. xxx Clearly overmatched Kerry continues to ramble about six-party talks, and then suddenly mentions the failure of U.N. Resolution 1559. xxx KERRY: Well, again, we can debate, and we're not going to here, so I'll let that go. Kerry knows when he has been beat into submission and needs to meet Teresa for cocktails and some more time off. This may be the hardest Kerry has worked in some time. xxx
* John Kerry, who served four months in Vietnam, shot himself at least once, earned one of three purple hearts because a piece of rice was stuck in his arse and had illusions of Cambodia during Christmas.

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