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Monday, July 24, 2006

An Old Afghan Ministry Returns - Uh Oh

The "morals" police have returned to Afghanistan and one has to wonder where this is headed. In the Islamic world "police" of this nature means loss of freedom for women and children as well as formal brutality. With the history of the Taliban why would Hamid Karzai even consider this as a good idea?
Known precisely as the ministry of Vice and Virtues the Taliban used this government office to:
  • Ban girl's education
  • Beating men who trimmed their beards
  • Elimination of a leisure time such as TV or playing cards
  • No punishment for rapes
  • Public lashings
  • Women wearing Burkas to hide complete identity

Why resurrect a ministry by the same name as the Taliban's invoking fear in the public? The Afghan government claims the ministry objective will range from anti-corruption to proper hygiene. Religious scholars will work with health professionals and others to develop public-service campaigns advocating basic tenets of Islam, such as honesty and clean living. The department will focus on discouraging violence against women.

Discouraging violence against women, how appropriate. Did they possibly put this one into the law? They have to teach hygiene? They also want to "discourage" drug use. How about starting by eliminating the poppy fields. Sorry, poppy by-products are the number one export in Afghanistan.

The problem is the religious fanatics and warlords are still active in the Afghan public with some in the government. Extremists maintain the patience to rebuild their groups with the goal of returning to power. The Ulema Council, a government-sanctioned group of mullahs and scholars designated to advise the government on religious issues, was one of the driving forces behind Vice and Virtues ministry return. President Karzai submitted the idea to parliament, which will soon vote it back to life.

This may be proof that changing cultures of the ages is not a simple task. Leaving too many former regime members behind is the same reason Israel should do it's best to stamp out Hezbollah and Hamas. If all the vermin isn't removed it will surely actively pursue it's natural order of creating terror in the name of religion.

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