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Monday, August 21, 2006

How Many French Lies? Gutless Once Again!

Once again France has convinced itself they are leaders of the world, taking initiative for a cease fire in Lebanon, promising to lead the way in writing a new U.N. resolution that has the shelf life of already stale French bread.
Keeping in mind France initially sided with the U.S. on the nature of the new feckless resolution before than changed their mind. Is this where John Kerry gets his spin? Then the French make promise of leading a military contingent to serve as "peace keepers" and protectors of foreign borders. The French used this promise of a robust, French-led international force to get the U.S. and Israel to agree to a cease-fire and withdrawal.
Now the impotent Jacques Chirac has done some Olympic-sized back pedaling in a move that proves, once and for all, the French are gutless liars who pretend to be significant in foreign affairs. The French always need to be bailed out of problems and are never able to defend themselves. History confirms this yet the French want to be front and center stage.
Chirac confirmed a Le Monde report that his government was prepared to offer only 200 combat engineers, in addition to the 200 French troops already in Lebanon, to what is supposed to be the resolutions centerpiece: A 15,000-man U.N. force that will help the Lebanese army patrol their southern border and ensure that Hezbollah will no longer use the area as a staging ground for future attacks against Israel.
French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie stated her troops will remain in the lead only until February. One would think they could stick around until at least Bastille Day celebrations begin back home.
This brings us back to disarming Hezbollah. The French couldn't disarm an 85- year old grandmother, they have zero leadership capabilities and will always need foreign aid to protect the French from themselves.
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made a televised statement last week insisting it was the "wrong time" to discuss disarmament. "Who will defend Lebanon in case of a new Israeli offensive?" he asked.
Pro-Syrian Lebanese President who is also "commander-in-chief" of the army, has described the notion of disarming Hezbollah as "disgraceful": "How can they ask us to disarm while the blood of the martyrs is still warm?"
Siding with anything French will only lead to more U.S. embarrassment. Using the French or the U.N. under the guise of diplomacy will allow Hezbollah to re-arm and work around any unenforceable resolutions coming out of Turtle Bay.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing (I am not French)

It is thanks to France that there is a ceasefire.

If it wasn't for France, the fighting in Lebanon would be still going on.

For the rest a very well written article.


8/21/2006 09:26:00 AM  
Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

However, without the ceasefire Hezbollah would be further decimated, unable to be re-armed, and out of power.

We will never know until Hezbollah attacks once again. The cancer is still alive.

8/21/2006 09:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gett em good

11 British Terror Plot Suspects Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Murder

8/21/2006 07:31:00 PM  

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