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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina's Tragedy is Financial - Government Incompetence and Corruption

Oh the devastation, the horrid scenes, the replays ad nauseum. You would think "celebrating" the anniversary of a natural disaster wouldn't be as important as replaying scenes from 9/11 to remind citizens there is a danger and it has nothing to do with hurricane season. If you live on the ocean, below sea level, the chances of getting in the way of a natural disaster are pretty good.
No I'm not heartless but I am a realist and the facts are the government at all levels have mismanaged billons of dollars and the incompetence is everywhere. New Orleans' plight is not the result of federal underspending, it's the fact Louisiana ranks at the top in U.S. corrupution.
Let's examine past federal disaster spending:
  • Congress has approved $122.5 billion for the Gulf Region.
  • 9/11 spending was $22.0 billion.
  • 2004 hurricane spending was $12.5 billion.
  • Los Angeles earthquake was $8.1 billion.

Where did it all go in New Orleans?

  • FEMA $2,000 debit-cards intended to pay for necessities that were used for things like flat-panel TVs and tattoos.
  • The purchase of thousands of mobile homes that cost as much as $400,000 per family housed.
  • $200 million for renting the Carnival Cruise Ship.
  • Millions more in payments that went for season football tickets, luxury vacation resorts, even divorce lawyers.

It now comes down to local government incompetence as I have claimed in several posts. Mayor Nagin has a big mouth with very loose lips and his New Orleans city council has only recently come up with a "plan" needed to release even more funding.

Leadership in Mississippi has seen its communities almost back to full recovery. They didn't sit around pointing fingers and wringing their hands. Nor did they spend the money like drunken sailors without any accountibility. Private business such as Home Depot and Wal-Mart have contributed the most money that has produced any of the positive results in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

The Big Easy has always been to easy for the corrupt politicians. Capitalism has succeeded where the elected officials have miserably failed. Why should so much good money continue to chase more bad money?

Louisiana already ranked among the bottom five of all the states in crime, poverty, health care and school performance; the murder rate in New Orleans today is 10 times the national average. Instead of spending more on something so pathetic the area should simply be allowed to succumb to nature and become a "Beach Blowout."

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