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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lincoln Chaffey - Republican in Liberal Clothing

Senator Lincoln Chaffey (R-RI) is a "Republican" wearing Liberal clothing. He is full of family money and liberal ideas from a very liberal state. Does it matter if voters choose Chaffey or the Democratic candidate this fall? 59% of Rhode Islanders voted for John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election. Chaffee has voted with John Kerry 70% of the time in the U.S. Senate.
The GOP is stuck, and it's doubtful Steve Laffey, Mayor of Cranston could adequately challenge the Democratic candidate if he manages to defeat Chaffey in the Republican primary. Even Chaffey is using the phrase, "Who Can Win in November" in public debates against Laffey.
Here is what Chaffey has done, amongst other Liberal things, in the Senate:
  • Voted against an extension of the Bush tax cuts.
  • Voted against a repeal of the estate (death) tax.
  • Voted against budget reform.
  • Voted against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.
  • Protested against a partial-birth abortion ban.
  • Opposed school choice.

Mr. Laffey has a different view and is a fiscal conservative:

  • Supports marginal tax rate cuts.
  • Supports permanent repeal of dividend and capital gain cuts.
  • Supports President Bush on the war in Iraq.
  • Supports school choice.
  • Supports free trade and is against trade isolationism.
  • Supports immigration enforcement.

There may be a glimmer of hope if Laffey wins the Republican nomination. Laffey won the mayoral contest in Cranston where only 14% of voters constitute Republicans. He did raise taxes but turned a nearly bankrupt city around to more fiscal responsibility.

Laffey won his first election (2002) with 52% of the votes and increased his victory margin (2004) with 65% of the votes. If Laffey can get his message out statewide, maybe voters will consider results over party affiliation.

First Republicans will have to vote responsibly and turn Lincoln Chaffee out of office.

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Blogger Gary,Victoria, n Brittany said...

I'm a conservative living in my home state of Rouge Island (RI). It's not easy let me tell you. Great website, love hearing and seeing the things done and not done in list form.

Thank you

Got anything on Sheldon Whitehouse?

8/29/2006 08:05:00 AM  

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