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Monday, August 21, 2006

Line Item Veto - Pass it Now!

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the Line-Item Veto by a vote of 247-172 on June 22. Now the battle has moved to the Senate, which will vote in September.
The Line-Item Veto would give the President the authority to strike specific items from bills passed by Congress, providing him with a valuable tool to rein in wasteful spending and eliminate special-interest tax breaks.
xxx Forty-three governors have the Line-Item Veto and have used it to save state taxpayers billions of dollars.
As the scandals surrounding convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham have highlighted, parochial and special-interest earmarks are THE source of corruption in Washington. Giving the President Line-Item Veto authority will help stop Congress from running up the deficit by wasting our tax dollars on self-serving “Bridges to Nowhere” and indoor tropical rainforests.
xxx The Line-Item Veto will arguably be the single most powerful new weapon against wasteful spending and political corruption in decades!

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