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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two Headed - Two Faced Hamas

Video footage of two kidnapped FOX News journalists was released by a previously unheard of Palestinian group Wednesday along with a statement demanding the release of Muslim prisoners in U.S. jails within 72 hours in exchange for the men.
Palestinian security officials declined to comment on the statement and the video, but Mushir Masri, a Hamas lawmaker, appealed to the kidnappers to release the journalists.
xxx "The kidnapping (of civilians) doesn't represent the Palestinian culture. The Palestinian people respect all countries of the world and takes no one as an enemy, except the Zionist enemy that occupies our land," Masri said.
But wait!!! Let's take a look at the "Except" clause.
Hamas and Palestinians have trouble taking any responsibility for their plight.
Masri said the U.S. bore some responsibility for the abduction. "We hold the Zionist enemy and the American administration responsible for such acts because of their unfair policies," he said.
Hamas and their ilk condemn the kidknapping but blame Israel and the U.S. administration. Their land? What did they do in the "road map to peace." The roadmap is unilateral with only Israel making concessions. Instead of improving Gaza the leaders of Hamas kidnapped a soldier and lobbed bombs at Israel.
Maybe Kofi Annan has a solution!

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