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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clinton's Other Diatribe er Threat

Last Thursday (9/21) Bill Clinton was asked a softball question on the Today Show.
Specifically, he threatened retaliation if any stories about his marriage appear during the 2008 campaign. His comments came in answer to a question about whether it was "fair game" for the marriage to be under "scrutiny" after The New York Times "ran a front-page article about your marriage."
"Well, the politicians don't get to decide that. But I think that the thing that I think is gonna be interesting is whether the American people, after all, with all the problems we've got, really want to see the press basically follow the Republican bloodhounds and do all that sort of stuff again and whether or not the people that are doing it can escape the same scrutiny. They have in the past. It's been a free ride, you know? Just pick a Democrat and punch that person. And I don't think that'll happen this time."
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann comment at in ATTACK DOG - BILL THREATENS MEDIA

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