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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Convenient Leak

How convenient to have another "classified" document leak, or at best, a partial document leak to suit the Liberal argument that terrorists have been born because of the war in Iraq, which is also a war on terrorism.
Never mind terrorists flew planes into buildings in New York and Washington D.C. with grand plans for United 93. Do the radical Islamists hate us more now than before?
Known as the NIE or National Intelligence Estimate the leaked portion concludes that "the Iraq war has made the overall terrorism problem worse," according to one of the unidentified "intelligence officials" cited in the Sunday New Your Times article.
In reality the NIE wasn't leaked at all but "claims" to what the report says have been leaked and of course the NY Times ran with the "story" in it's fight to uphold truth and the American way, or at least the left-wing nut caucus to discredit the Bush Administration.
As we approach Halloween, the Liberal spooks are out in force making claims, gathering retired Generals with their view only in election year politics without any consideration of getting at the facts in an objective manner.
Declassifying the NIE document would prove, as it has in the past, that these reports are not objective and often fail in factual basis. Making the entire report public would solve the two main political issues about Iraq.
  • Democrats claim that Iraq is a "distraction" from the war on terror and so a rapid U.S. withdrawal would leave the U.S. with more resources to fight elsewhere.
  • The Bush administration stresses Iraq is now the central front in the war on terror, and that withdrawing would create a vacuum that the Islamists would fill and give them a potential new state-supported base of operations.

Opening up the entire NIE report with proper redactions would disarm the Democrats and settle the argument once and for all. Allowing a one-sided dog and pony show about Iraq and terrorism empowers the left, which leaves the facts off the table.

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