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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Imagine That!

Key European nations warn that Iran is trying to weaken international opposition to its contentious nuclear program by stalling on giving a clear response to terms set by six world powers for negotiations, according to a confidential document obtained Thursday.
"The Iranian goal obviously is to split the international community," said the document, drawn up by Britain, France and Germany, and made available to The Associated Press ahead of a key meeting of the five U.N. Security Council nations plus Germany.
The document, labeled "In Confidence," summarizes Iran's response to a six-power offer to Iran dangling the prospect of technical, economic and political rewards if it agrees to suspend enrichment before talks begin and consider a long-term moratorium on the technology, which can be misused to make nuclear arms.
Now can we imagine that Iran would really play games and employ delay tactics so they can build a nuclear bomb? We're sure the Liberals need more diplomacy and the U.N. will make more idle threats.

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