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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Moon Bat of The Week Award!

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
"If Mr. Rumsfeld is so concerned with comparisons to World War II, he should explain why our troops have now been fighting in Iraq longer than it took our forces to defeat the Nazis in Europe."
These were Moonbat Pelosi's comments to Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld's address to the 88th Annual American Legion National Convention in Salt Lake, Utah this week.
Victory in World War II was anything but easy. More than 16 million American servicemen took part in the war, of whom 291,557 were killed in battle and 113,842 others died in service. That's a total of 405,399, well over 100 times as many U.S. servicemen as have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
The facts cast Pelosi's "history" about World War II in an even more withering light. Ms. Pelosi and her ilk on the left spend their time in attack mode, with no plan, no ideas, no intestinal fortitude. Liberals criticize the people doing the heavy lifting and taking responsibility for America's safety. Pelosi wants power but has never demonstrated any ability to wield that power.

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