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Friday, September 01, 2006

One Liberals View of Democrats

I was viewing Roger Ebert’s movie review site at the Chicago Sun-Times for The Sentinel, he gave 3-Stars not necessarily a thumbs up. Mr. Ebert is very, very left, close to the left-wing nut base. xxx Mr. Ebert did provide a "Thumbs Up" for one actress in the movie as he wrote a disclaimer that "The Sentinel" did not portray either political party. Ebert’s analysis may provide a glimpse into his characterization of Democrats versus Republicans. xxx Here is what Ebert writes: xxx The movie doesn't identify President Ballentine (David Rasche) as belonging to either major party, although somehow his wife Sarah (Kim Basinger) looks to me like a Democrat. She also looks like a dish, and is having a passionate affair with, yes, Agent Garrison. aaa First Lady Ballentine is a "dish" and "having an affair." The first part is inaccurate as reality dictates but "having an affair" is right on! The only difference is the twist of having the First Lady involved in a tryst instead of the Democratic President. xxx I contend First Lady Bush is no slouch. Although now illegal in Chicago restaurants it is plausible that Mr. Ebert’s opinion on looks and political parties is chopped Foie Gras.

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