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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stop Internet Regulation and Taxing - IMPORTANT NOTICE!

I received an email from Thomas A. Schatz, President of Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW). Here is the letter:
In the name of so-called “net neutrality,” a number of special-interest groups, like, and Internet content providers, such as Google, Yahoo, and, are pushing for federal regulations of the Internet that will ultimately hit you and all Internet users right in the pocketbook!
xxx Let me explain.
xxx This cadre of high-tech companies that provide search engines, websites, and other “content” for the Internet want Congress to mandate that your Internet service provider - the company that you pay for broadband or dial-up access to the Internet - must carry every single piece of content and every service they have to offer, no matter the cost. If Congress bows to their demands and imposes some of the first-ever regulations on the freewheeling Internet, your service provider will have no option but to pass the higher cost for such universal service on to you.
xxx In short, Google and the other high-tech Internet giants would have the government guarantee them below-cost access to premium high-speed network services - with you, the end-user, footing the bill!
xxx The Internet has thrived as a tool enhancing communications and commerce precisely because the government has, for the most part, taken a hands-off approach with regard to regulation and taxation. Net neutrality regulations would discourage crucial investment in broadband networks and stifle the innovation that is at the heart of the Internet’s success.
Liberally Conservative supports the CCAGW effort to fight these regulatory and taxing proposals. If you would like to fight against the efforts to charge us, the end-users, to pay for internet services beyond our current bill please click on the link below and fill out the form to send to your Congressional representative.
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