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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

House Speaker Pelosi - Our Worst Nightmare

Viewing the poll data for Senate and House elections a Conservative cannot be pleased with the numbers. The arrogance combined with ignorance of the majority in Congress is unsettling at the very least.
To be blunt, Republicans have squandered opportunities to put Conservative values into legislation during their tenure in office over the last 12 years and have spent their political capital wastefully. From the fall of New Gingrich to the current debacle concerning Mark Foley, preceded by all the Jack Abramoff scandals and the demise of Tom Delay so called Republicans have demonstrated they have no idea how "Conservative" is defined.
In addition, Republicans have spent our tax dollars on pork, have failed to initiate an immigration bill, did nothing to support social security reform, failed to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and have created more scandals then promising legislation.
Now the "October Surprise" wasted no time in rearing it's ugly head and this did not favor Republicans. Look at the headlines:
  • Republican quits US Congress over e-mails to boy aides.
  • Republicans scrambling amid Foley scandal.
  • White House shocked, surprised by child sex scandal.
  • Hastert says he didn't know of explicit contact - Dems accuse GOP of failing to protect kids.
  • FBI looks at Foley's e-mails to teens - Inquiries sought on ex-lawmaker.
  • Candidate alleges Foley case cover-up.

You get the drift. There are dozens of headlines in newspapers around the country announcing the Mark Foley scandal, opening the door to discuss all other problems within the Republican majority. The Liberals are having a field day, the real issues are not being discussed and an alleged pervert has locked himself away in a rehab clinic, how convenient. Ex-Florida Representative Mark Foley is not only a sicko, he's gutless, leaving all Repubican candidates twisting in the electoral winds.

Or........Maybe the real issues are being discussed. The Liberals continue without a plan other then to demonstrate the Republicans aren't worthy leaders of the Senate or House of Representatives. With the Democrats in control government will stop functioning for two years and terrorism will have a chance to propagate throughout the Middle East and into our borders, along with more illegal immigrants.
Our Congressional "leaders" have done more to aid and abet the Liberals then anything they could possibly do for themselves. Bottom Line is politicians on both sides of the aisle are pathetic creatures, self-serving with no leadership qualities whatsoever.
The House of Representative is nothing but a "House of Cards" ready to fall into the hands of Nancy Pelosi and her hate machine. Dennis Hassert should have remained a wrestling coach in Illinois. One wonders how he ever got into a leadership position and became House Speaker when he has no leadership qualities.
We all know how Nancy Pelosi will assume her new role as House Speaker. Without firing a shot! Fasten your seat belt, a nightmare on K Street is about to take place and it's our worst nightmare.

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