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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm Mad As Hell.........Therefore

Ask yourself what a vote for a Democrat is worth. Is it worth a Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Charlie Rangle or Majority Leader John Murtha? These are not options!
Ask yourself if the Iraqi Government should stand up or get out. Ask yourself if the Iraqi Government is feckless and controlled by terrorist clerics. Ask yourself if its time to cut and run. It's not an option!
Watch the video below, then write or call your Representative and Senator. Tell them to get on board with the brave men and women in the Armed Forces. Ask them to demand victory in the Middle East and that the Iraqi government and Liberal ilk defend democracy and quit using Iraq as a domestic political tool. Victory for the terrorists is not an option!
Tell the politicians that cutting off funding, leaving a job unfinished are not options. Tell them a weak government in Iraq and tool of the terrorists is no longer an option. Demand victory now. Remove the terrorist clerics and feckless leaders in Iraq. Use the tools at our disposal to stop the militias and clean up the corruption in Iraq. Walking away is not an option!
Tell the gutless whiners from Middle Eastern web sites to get in the fight for freedom, put down their keyboard and start defending their homeland from foreign insurgents, terrorist clerics and corrupt government officials. It's your country start fighting for it. Waiting for the U.S. to save you is not an option!
Now watch the entire 8.5 minute movie and tribute. Is that too much to ask? Then please...........on election day, don't stay away from the voting booth. If you must, hold your nose and but by all means vote Republican. Democrats controlling the United States government is not an option!

Hat Tip: iAmericanRight

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