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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Now You Can Die A Cub Fan and Take It With You

Forget 1969, forget 1984, forget 1989, forget 2003, forget the misery of being a part of Cub Nation! It's not bad enough to suffer endlessly from having the disease known as, "Diehard Cub Fan", I'm actually a Charter Member to the actual group.
But now the Boston Globe reports we can take our loyalty and stupidity to the grave:
Many crazed baseball fans have said they would die for a championship. But are they willing to take that devotion to the grave? Major League Baseball and a company that makes funeral products will soon find out just how many fans want to be decked out for all eternity in tribute to their team.
Starting next season, fans of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers will be able to have their ashes put in an urn or head six feet under in a casket emblazoned with their team colors and insignia. Yes the Cubs are on the first list! Life is Good.
MLB has entered a licensing agreement with Eternal Image, which hopes to eventually make urns and caskets for all 30 teams. The company also hopes to have similar agreements with NASCAR, the NHL and the NFL, but baseball was the first to sign on.

Can we also get live games piped in?

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