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Monday, October 23, 2006

Spin City - The Sequel

Michael J. Fox has entered the political ad venues with a piece out of St. Louis concerning stem cell research and why he supports Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill while criticizing incumbent Republican Senator Jim Talent.

Unfortunately Mr. Fox thinks he's still on the sit-com Spin City while not necessarily checking the facts on federal funding for stem cell research. If you suffer from a disease one might feel one way, as Mr. Fox does, but they shouldn't receive a free pass based on political rhetoric.

The debate, pros and cons can be found in this Time article, The Great Debate Over Stem Cell Research. You can get views forever. Moral vs. Scientific, the part Mr. Fox and Democrats never mention, is that research is ongoing and we are only talking about federal funding, which requires tax dollars from people who opose funding it. Opposition is considerable and that should be considered.

Science should be required to provide substantive evidence that federal funding is necessary to extend research. They should also provide evidence this in no way causes the taking of human life with medical support.

A nice spin ad on stem cell research is great theater but slimy politics. Mr. Fox shouldn't have lowered himself to get into the political fray.

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