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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We All Don't Support The Troops......Or Do We?

Being nominated for a Medal of Honor won't necessarily bring you kudos or respect from some members of the public. The Los Angeles Times has some respondents to an article about one Marine Pfc. Christopher Adlesperger.
This remarkable soldier is honored in the L.A Times in 'His Corps Value Was Bravery.' "It was a tremendous bit of fighting," said Col. Patrick Malay, the battalion commander. "He was a quiet kid, but he was remarkable. He was one tough bastard."
PFC Adlesperger may have been "one tough bastard" but some gutless wonders have other feelings toward this soldier of honor.
I was repulsed by the tone of The Times' article. How dare you glorify the obscenity of killing, with descriptions of gurgling blood. Maybe the so-called Iraqi insurgents are not the enemy but in fact are freedom fighters, valiantly attempting to rid their country of a repugnant foreign presence fighting not for freedom and democracy but for America's insatiable appetite for oil. The United States must end this senseless war, sooner rather than later, and articles like this espousing flag-waving patriotism are only perpetuating the myth that modern war, and this one in particular, can be won.
Reading about Adlesperger's valor, while compelling, left me with an overwhelming sadness. We are apparently hard-wired to kill each other over land or oil or our gods. Imagine what a man with the passion of Adlesperger could have done for his family and for the world in the next 60 years had he lived. I admire his bravery and loyalty to his friends. But I condemn those who required this of him and more than 2,000 of his brothers. I only wish his bravery could have been spent as a firefighter or a police officer, at home, where we need him more than ever.
xxx GEORGE WATERS Pasadena
If an individual were to kill 11 people in house-to-house gang warfare in South Los Angeles, we wouldn't call him a hero; we'd call him a bloodthirsty, homicidal maniac. We would fear for the future of our city. . . .
xxx The 11 people we dismiss as insurgents are mourned by their own families, some of whom consider their actions a logical response to a foreign power occupying their land, while others grieve at the senselessness of it all.
xxx The Times has shown its support for the troops, like we're all expected to do. But if Marine Pfc. Christopher Adlesperger had been a street gang member, we would have been subjected to articles explaining how we needed to provide alternatives to murderous organizations that provide a sense of belonging to its members.
xxx T.C. PETERSON Los Angeles
Semper Fidelis PFC Adlesperger. We thank you for your service, bravery and ultimate sacrifice. May your critics be eternally shamed, they are but repugnant and ignorant critics on the wrong side of justice.
Read the full story: 'His Corps Value Was Bravery.'

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