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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Howard Dean Tells Us What America Wants

DNC chairman and left-wing nut Howard Dean feels the recent election has given Liberals a mandate for change. Mr. Dean is arrogant as well as confused.
One, Dean equates the election of the first totally Democrat legislature in New Hampshire to what the nation wants. How did he assume that?
Two, Dean feels American's want a return to the "Good Ol' Days" of Clintonomics. This has been mentioned by others in the "party" as some sort of wonderful time but they, including former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, ignore the boom that eventually went bust as much of the economic success of the 90's. The technology industry temporarily made Clintonomics look successful until the wheels came off.
Welfare reform was shoved Clinton's way and he had no politcal choice but to endorse it and sign the bill into law. This helped the 90's economy and Republicans, then with Conservative values, helped reduce the deficit and balance the budget for Clinton.
Reduction in government jobs reduced the deficits but the anti-Military Clintons took over 80% of those jobs from the military. Thank you Al Gore. Welfare reform for the civilian population and welfare for our military. Food stamps in every commissary and ration kit.
Three, Dean feels a need to tax the rich, which he now defines as the top 1% of Americans. Somehow Dean doesn't equate tax reduction with record revenues into the government coffers.
Four, Dean wants medicare reform and government negotiating for lower pharmacutical costs. Apparently the left-wing Dean never heard of free market capitalism. Liberals want stem cell research, paid for by the Federal government and wish to regulate the companies whose research develop drugs that cure.
Five, Deans wants a return to Clinton's "Pay Go" system of explaining what spending is for and where will go. Isn't this done already although many time creatively hidden in spending bills? Fiscal restraint might help.
Six, Dean wants an increase in minimum wages. This is a tax on business in the form of forced higher wages, and increased payroll taxes with government control on business. Smells like FDR economics now.
Back to Robert Rubin, Clintons "economic guru" who this weeks claims, "you cannot solve the nation's fiscal problems without increased revenues."
"I think if you were to increase taxes right now, you would have probably about zero negative effect on the economy," claims Rubin.
Probably have? One thing Rubin never mentions in his speech to the Economic Club of Washington this past week is reduced spending.
Here's an economic lesson for Liberals like Dean and Rubin. If the economy is at record revenue because of tax cuts wouldn't you enhance revenue by simple fiscal responsibility and government restraint in Congress with reduced spending and reform?
The answer is YES!

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Anonymous Joe in Wynnewood said...

"Somehow Dean doesn't equate tax reduction with record revenues into the government coffers"

Isn't that true only in terms of real and not inflation adjusted $? I know it isn't in terms of % of GDP. Isn't it true that expenditures have way outstripped revenue under the fiscally-challenged Congress and nary a veto in sight from Bush?

"Dean wants medicare reform and government negotiating for lower pharmacutical costs. Apparently the left-wing Dean never heard of free market capitalism."

I didn't know that free market meant that when the government pays for stuff it can't do what every business in America does when it buys from suppliers - negotiate for the best possible terms. When a government agency is acting as a business, shouldn't it act as a business?

Maybe Gov. Dean isn't quite as crazy as you'd like to make him out to be...

11/12/2006 11:01:00 PM  
Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

Revenues are up, interest rates are down and revenues are up in record terms adjusted for inflation and GNP.

Dean and Rubin don't mention any of these economic terms nor do they recognize the facts. Either do you as you simply move on to Bush's veto pen.

Veto's and spending have nothing to do with the revenue side I am discussing.

On the other hand I blame Republicans and Bush throughout this blog for their fiscal irresponsibility. Nobody mentions, however, the hugh cost of the war on terror, the 9/11 effect on the economy, the inherited recession, record numbers on the markets and so on.

Negotiating drugs for Medicare was not the only thing Mr. Dean was discussing. In the Liberals effort to reduce health care costs through socialization they want lower product costs which will reduce investment dollars used for research.

It's all about government meddling and control, ignoring free markets. The government never acts like a business as we very well know. They are a beauracracy. i.e. When the Post Office fails because of "fat" they raise postage.

When the government is spending tax dollars and uses earmarks to pay for pork they raise taxes to make up for their folly.

Liberals think every answer is raising taxes, super sizing government and controlling our money. Howard Dean and his political ilk feel they know whats good for the citizens money, and we don't.

Oh Dean is crazy, like a fox.

11/13/2006 09:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Scott said...

It's funny. I've got a liberal guy posting on my site saying "You know there are just as many arguements that can be made that higher taxes increases the overall wealth of a country as well as lower taxes?"

I'm still trying to get him to list some examples.

11/13/2006 11:26:00 AM  
Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

He's stuck on stupid!

11/13/2006 05:17:00 PM  

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