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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Liberals Wish List - Playing Robin Hood

Harry Reid recently stated, "The rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer." He said this with a straight face even after being exposed for a suspicious and ethically challenged land deal.
Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker designate and her husband are worth an estimated $55 million and apparently see nothing wrong with hiring illegals and owning non-union businesses where unions typically appear.
However, when it comes to government control, power and regulating business the Democrats want to micro-manage the economic playing field to make it more "fair and balanced." This could only mean bigger government, more taxes, welfare and yes, more taxes. We repeat the taxes since they may double or even triple tax small business and the entrepreneur who drives the economic engines of the United States and is its largest employer.
There is a commercial that states, "Success has its rewards," but to Liberals success for anyone but themselves means, "Shame on you." How dare you become successful in a free market, capitalist society! How dare you succeed and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
While politicians are on a free lunch they tell us "there is no free lunch for you." However, entrepreneurs unlike politicians, are more apt to resemble another ad tagline, "We earn it!" Milton Friedman is already spinning in his grave.
The forces that affect our economy are natural and evolving.
  • Technology is increasing employers' need for some skilled workers, while diminishing it for assembly-line workers.
  • Schools aren't graduating enough of the workers in short supply, such as engineers, which creates a greater need for outsourcing.

Taking from the rich and give to the poor does not balance the playing field. Forcing business to pay higher wages for unskilled labor may cost jobs before it provides income to the worker on the low end of the pay scale. Employers may decide to trim their payroll or pass the cost on to consumers. Someone must pay for this form of government tariff on domestic business.

In the Democrats playbook, "A new social contract for the 21st century" the authors Bruce Reed and Rahm Emanuel suggest requiring companies that provide stock options to their executives to provide stock options to every worker. The operative word here is "require" as in government regulation.

Liberals don't want a fence to stop illegal immigration but they do want a fence built to reduce imports, free trade and participating in a global economy. In addition, Liberals want to pass legislation empowering unions. Look what unions did for the Big 3 auto makers.

The glass is always half-empty for Liberals. Instead of creating incentives for people to climb out of the ranks of unskilled or poor they want someone else to prop them up with "private" welfare checks in the form of entitlements and punishing success to aid failure, lack of motivation or laziness.

Liberals don't like free markets as much as they like a free lunch. They believe it's necessary to have an "activist" government for broad-based economic growth. Liberals believe socialism creates equity for the poor and balances the inequities of a free society.

Here is a list of the Democrats proposal to provide aid and comfort the the have-nots at the expense of the haves:

  • Raise minimum wage
  • Restrain CEO pay
  • Strengthen union clout
  • Expand earned income tax credits
  • Roll back the Bush upper income tax cuts
  • Raise taxes on dividends and capital gains
  • Increase grants to low income college students
  • Cut interest rates on student loans
  • Expand public pre-kindergarten programs
  • Expand wage-loss insurance
  • Revamp unemployment insurance system
  • Cover mortgage payments for displaced workers
  • Give cash to families whose incomes fall sharply
  • Provide universal health insurance
  • Allow small businesses to buy insurance from a government sponsored pool
  • Provide universal 401(k) with government subsidies

Notice the key words: Government, subsidies, give, grants, low-income, tax, union clout, expand, cut.

If the Liberals get their way socialism will be alive and well in 21st Century America. Karl Marx would be proud.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what shoudl done ... is pretty amazing

11/22/2006 12:59:00 AM  
Blogger Online Trading said...

Guess who was the main figure in the stock option expensing scandal of the past decade? Good old Joe lieberman. I'd like to know what exactly the tech company lobbyist gave hive in exchange for effectively stealing away money from investors and employees with retirements in stock options.

11/22/2006 01:41:00 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Good post, Walrus. A safe and warm Thanksgiving to you and all you love.

11/22/2006 07:48:00 PM  

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