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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Reader Defends Howard Dean

In Howard Dean Tells Us What America Wants I suggest the DNC chairman and left-wing nut feels the recent election has given Liberals a mandate for change. Mr. Dean is arrogant as well as confused. I also took on Robert Rubin for his recent suggestion the eonomy could withstand a tax increase. Nice advice but it's refreshing to have the support of the Wall Street Journal to back my reasoning. However one reader, Joe in Wynnewood said...

Isn't that true only in terms of real and not inflation adjusted $? I know it isn't in terms of % of GDP. Isn't it true that expenditures have way outstripped revenue under the fiscally-challenged Congress and nary a veto in sight from Bush?

I didn't know that free market meant that when the government pays for stuff it can't do what every business in America does when it buys from suppliers - negotiate for the best possible terms. When a government agency is acting as a business, shouldn't it act as a business?

Maybe Gov. Dean isn't quite as crazy as you'd like to make him out to be...

Of course Liberals never provide specifics nor do they corroborate their bluster with facts. Let's help Joe out:

  • Federal revenues in fiscal 2006 were 18.4% of GDP, higher than the 18.2% post-1965 average.
  • The U.S. economy grew by an average of nearly 4% a year for three years following mid-2003.
  • Federal revenues in fiscal 2006 were 18.4% of GDP, higher than the 18.2% post-1965 average.
  • In October, the first month of fiscal 2007, revenues rose by 12% from a year earlier.
  • The federal deficit for fiscal 2006 was only 1.9% of GDP, which is lower than all but eight years since 1975.
  • During the late Clinton years, the feds grabbed a record 20.9% of GDP.

Hopefully Bush '43' will not follow in Bush '41s' footsteps and pronounce, "No new taxes" and tell us to "Read his lips." This is what the Liberals like Dean, Rubin and Hillary Clinton wish for, have Republicans change tax policy and take the issue off the table for 2008.

If the electorate spoke in volumes then Democrats didn't win the election or receive a mandate. Republicans forgot Conservative principles and lost the election. The long awaited Liberal agenda was not part of the election campaign, it is now rearing its ugly head.

Republican politicians should now remind themselves of Conservative policies and recall the Tom Delay folly in the house. Earmarks should be dead, and tax cuts should be permanent. As for Joe? We don't want the government paying for "stuff." We want our money and control of it. Read my lips!

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Anonymous Joe in Wynnewood said...

What exactly makes post-1965 the right time-frame to compare today's revenue numbers against?

Why not include Eisenhower, Kennedy and all of Johnson?

Any chance that post WWII numbers are a bit different?

How about post WWI? Will they be better for you?

I'm sure glad FY '06 was down to 1.9% of GDP - what about '05? How about '04? '03? '02?

Cherry pick if you must, I wouldn't want to ruin your narative.

11/14/2006 10:51:00 PM  
Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

That was an historical comparison so read more carefully. There was no cherry picking. The economy is rolling forward and anyone who thinks it's not does not understand macro or micro economics, in theory or practice.

As I stated, those numbers are corroborated by The Wall Street Journal, quite a reputable publication, indeed.

11/15/2006 12:40:00 AM  

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