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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Will President Bush Eat His Lunch

President Bush and presumptive Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi had lunch today. My question is: Will Bush eat his lunch in the future?
Pardon me but the Liberals in the beltway our sniffing the bloody Republican chum in the political waters and they will want their agenda to apply. The fact is, Democrats feel they have a mandate.
Another fact is President Bush is an official "lame duck" and let's not forget the words of Nancy Pelosi.
"Bush is an incompetent leader, in fact, he's not a leader...He's a person who has no judgement, no experience and no knowledge of the subjects that he has to decide upon...The shallowness that he has brought to the office has not changed since he got there." -May 2004
"I said we'd be having hearings on the war, we'd have hearings. But I don't see us going to a place of impeachment." -May 2006
"Stay the course? I don't think so, Mr. President. It's time to face the facts. On every important aspect on the war in Iraq, the president and his advisers have been wrong." -June 2006
"We pledge partnerships with Republicans in Congress and with the president and not partisanship." -November 8, 2006
Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), one of the left-wing nuts of our time is speaking as I write. He is ecstatic and can barely contain himself. I sounds as though another bid for the Presidency is on his mind.
Kucinich is saying the new Congress will now take America in a new direction. His type of directiion:
  • Troops out of Iraq, now.
  • Higher minimum wages
  • Healthcare for everyone.
  • Tax the rich and not so rich that Liberals label rich.
  • Tax the small business owner with a minimum wage hike.
  • A tax hike to fit the small business owner into the Liberal "rich" bracket.
  • Higher corporate taxes.
  • Raise the Capital Gains tax.
  • Raise the Estate (Death) tax.
  • Double tax married couples.

The Liberal agenda is a Dennis Kucinich agenda, a Harry Reid agenda, a Nancy Pelosi agenda, a Left-Wing Nut agenda.

My advice Mr. President...........Watch your backside, they're coming after you!

America, watch you're pocket book, it's about to be lifted.

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